International Dance Council (CID)

我們非常高興地宣布本校已正式成為國際舞蹈理事會的成員(The United Nations of Dance and part of UNESCO - CID)。






- 均勻性:認可準則是統一的

- 驗證:所有對學校的認證調查由CID​​批核

- 安全性:證書是由CID秘書處中央印發

- 選擇:學校,教師和學生是CID成員

- 平等性:所有的舞蹈形式都包括

- 持久性:永遠不會改變

- 無成本:證書是免費的(唯一的成本是年度會費)







國際舞蹈理事會(CID)的學生年費為HK $ 400 。學生只要完成150小時的教學(同一級別) 便可獲頒發證書。


如果想更快完成150小時的教學,我們會建議學生報讀一星期出席三或四次的課堂 (即我們的專業課程)。他們可在短短一年的時間內完成150小時教學。假若小孩由幼兒2已經加入本校,直至Arabesque組別,他已經取得7個不同級別的證書 (7張CID證書)。

我們沒有限制學生報讀多少個課堂,即使完成150小時後仍可獲頒發額外的證書。當然,需經由本校的藝術總監 Leila Alpiyeva 審批。

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We are most pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a member of the International Dance Council (The United Nations of Dance and part of UNESCO)

The International Dance Council, CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of     dance in all countries of the world.

CID is recognized by national and local governments, international organizations and institutions.  It brings together the most important international, national and local organiizations, as well as select individuals active in dance.

It is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.

Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in over 170 countries.  As of 2014, CID included more than 1100 institutional members and over 8,000 individual members.

As part of this membership, we are now able to offer our students an International Certification of Dance Studies. The characteristics of the CID certification is given below:

  • Uniformity: system is the same for all countries
  • Verification: inquiries on certified students are confirmed by CID
  • Security: certificates are issued centrally by the CID Secretariat
  • Selection: schools, teachers and students are members of the CID
  • Equality: all forms of dance are included
  • Perennity: will never change
  • No cost: certificates are free of charge (only cost is annual membership)



The organisation can offer guarantees like no other as it is recognized by governments worldwide.

The student will receive certification from the only worldwide dance organization, recognized around the globe.  The certification is therefore fully recognized not only in Hong Kong but in any country where the student may live and want to pursue a ballet education.

The student will, effectively, have ‘the best of both worlds’ as they will be able to perform with RBS to a high standard and they will also have certification, without having to study for an examination.

As RBS is also now moving towards streaming of students (Regular and Professional Streams), even those students who do not attend the school on a more regular basis (three and four times per week) will be able to gain certification.

The cost of student membership of the International Dance Council (CID) is HK$ 400 per year and the basis for the student to receive CID certification is to complete 150 hours of teaching (one module or level).

To give students an idea of how they can achieve the certification, based on 150 hours of teaching, RBS usually has 43 weeks of session ballet (18 plus 13 plus 12) in a given year and so, with a student attending just one class per week (one hour per week), that makes 43 hours of teaching instruction over the course of one year.                                                                These students will take 3 - 4 years to complete the required 150 hours of teaching.

For faster progression, those students who attend three classes per week or more (usually in our Professional Stream) will complete the 150 hours of teaching within just one year.                It is then possible for a student who joins RBS at Kids 2 level to have gained some 7 levels  (and therefore 7 CID Certifications) by the time they reach Arabesque group.

There is no limit to the number of modules that a student can take.  Additional modules and certification may then be gained for the completion of every 150 hours of teaching.

Even if the student and CID Member completes 150 hours of teaching, they still need to be proposed for CID Certification by the Artistic Director of RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL LIMITED,       Leila Alpiyeva.

For further details of the organisation, please refer to the following website -

Please note that CID deals directly with the representative Dance School (in this case RBS) and not with the individual student. Enquiries should therefore be directed to Russian Ballet School