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Information / Fees

We reward those students who attend more regularly with discounts and also strongly advise students to attend at least twice per week in order to make progress

Trial classes are offered for the first time. Booking is by session. No partial payment is accepted. All fees are non-refundable once the student has been enrolled and no credits will be given, under any circumstances, for classes already paid for but missed due to student’s own reasons.
Private classes are by arrangement per hour.

Lessons will start and finish on time so please ensure that your child arrives promptly and (if applicable) please arrange for his/ her pick-up immediately after the lesson.

All ballet classes are conducted in English.

In accordance with Hong Kong practice, we do not hold classes when warnings are hoisted for Black Rainstorm or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or higher. No refunds will be given for such cancelled classes. However, classes will go on as usual when the Red or Amber Rainstorm warning or the Typhoon No. 3 signal has been issued.

We can arrange make-up classes only for those who miss their regular class due to sickness. We cannot arrange make-up classes for any other reasons. Make-up classes cannot be carried forward.

Any classes not taken will be forfeited.

RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL and its staff accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to a participant’s property whilst at the studio. In addition, RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL accepts no liability and responsibility for any injury or accident sustained whilst at the studio. Students, parents and guardians agree that no claims will be made against RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL, its owner or its staff.

RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL may use photographs taken during classes and activities in promotional publications and on our Website. If you do not wish RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL to use photos that include your child, please contact us directly

All choreography and variations provided by RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL is strictly forbidden to be performed in other ballet schools or in competitions without prior permission from the Director of RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL.

For students who are going to be professional ballet dancers, Vaganova syllabus is 8 years long and starts at age 9. There are 3,500 hours of instruction, about 440 hours per year. Group sizes are between 10 - 12.