1. Quality, not Quantity
    Quality, not Quantity
  2. Lets start learning ballet together
    Lets start learning ballet together
  3. The next movement starts with you
    The next movement starts with you
  4. Create the future
    Create the future
Welcome to the first Russian Ballet School in Hong Kong. This is the first ballet school in Hong Kong to exclusively use the Vaganova system. Due to the history of Hong Kong and its former links with colonial Britain, most ballet schools here follow the RAD teaching method. While there are some merits in this, the truth is that the Russian method is far superior to its British counterpart, whether in the past or today, thanks to the rich history of classical ballet in Russia, as well as its countless world class dancers, teachers and choreographers.

About Us

  1. Founded in 2012, Russian Ballet School in Hong Kong offers a unique proposition as we are the only ballet school in the country that offers the Vaganova system of ballet. This system is considered superior to others in its teaching method and has produced the vast majority of top-level ballet stars over the past 50 years. 
    Our objective, through this method of teaching, is to place students at Professional Ballet Schools all over the world and, in our short existence, we have already done this with several students. 
    Employing highly-trained teachers who are specialists
    in the Vaganova system, students will see improvements quite quickly and dancers will enjoy levels of performance not previously seen.
    All teachers follow the same methodology. We take students, both boys and girls, as young as 3 and go all the way up to Adults. 
    Teaching locations can be found on Hong Kong Island, in Sai Kung and    Clearwater Bay in the New Territories and in Discovery Bay. 
    If you aspire to dance at the highest level, do come and join us and see for yourself why we are different and what sets us apart from other ballet schools.  

  2. 成立於2012年,香港第一間俄羅斯芭蕾舞學校。本校是全港有史以來首間完全以《雅崗諾娃學派》教授的芭蕾舞學校。俄羅斯芭蕾舞學派都遠勝其他學派,全因俄羅斯芭蕾舞有著更豐富悠久的歷史,幾百年來孕育了無數的世界級舞蹈家、教師和編舞家。
    如果你想在高水平的學校學習,來參加我們吧! 看看為什麼我們是不同的、什麼使我們有別於其他芭蕾舞學校。